Web Design Glossary – Part 2


Kerning in web terms can be described as the idea of adjusting the space between two letters in a word. Generally this will be controlled by the font family. Correct gap is necessary in order to improve the clarity of the word.


It is a web designing term which is used to describe the spacing between two consecutive lines in a document. It is also called line height in general terms. This will decide the readability of the document.

Link farm:

Link farm is a web site that contains list of links to outside sites. It will have many unrelated links for the web sites on the internet. Search engines will not prefer these link farms and they will block link farms.

Liquid layout:

Liquid layout is a layout used in web design which adjusts the web site size according to the browser window size of the user. It will fit into the browser at any size. This layout is useful to utilize the space available by sizing the web content relative to the web browser window by a percentage calculation.

Organic search:

Organic search is also called as natural search is a list of results created by a search engine which are not paid web sites. This list has web sites that have not paid money to display the site in search results. Users prefer the natural search since they provides accurate results and they are purely based on the popularity.

Normal flow:

Flow is the order at which the elements are arranged in a web site design. Elements will be in boxes which are arranged in the order of one after another.


It is a permanent link which is attached to some content. This is used in bookmarking any content in a web page. It allows the user to view it at any time even the blog address is changed.


Pixel is referred to the dots available in the computer monitor. It is a measure of resolution of the monitor. It is measured in pixels per inch.


It is a digital recorded file that will be sent to the subscribers of the podcast over the internet. It can be an audio or a video file.


It is a measure of the hue present in a color. Adding white color will reduce the saturation.


It is a document which contains the details about the technology of the web site. It describes the method of usage.


Standard generalized markup language (SGML) is a markup language which will be used to describe documents. This is used to describe the structure of it.


Tag shows the start and end of the element. It does not provide any details about the content of it.


It can be defined as the World Wide Web Consortium. W3C is responsible for setting the standards for web design and internet related technology.

Web log:

Web log is a web page or a part of it that will be updated regularly. It can be used in many ways in the web site.