Color Tips for the Web

When it comes to web site viewing, the colour of it has a big affect into it. Dream of any designer’s to display all the colors possible to the viewer.  A site with good colour can give lots of accurate details to the viewer. If the color is not good, it can convey the wrong message with wrong colors. Main thing to take care in this process is to make sure that the designed colors are compatible with the viewer`s monitor.

Browser safe web palette is a technology introduced to solve this big problem. It was introduced around eight years ago when the most monitors were 8 bit type. This type of monitors can only display up to 256 colors. If the color scheme used in the web site is not browser safe and not compatible with the 8 bit scheme it can show unwanted colors in the web site.

For example it can show pink color on the screen while it is designed to show light green. This can spoil the message. If the end user of the web site is known and all the details of the viewing devices are available like monitors, this problem will not occur. But when the web site is designed for general use it can give problems if it is not browser safe.

Browser safe palettes generally use three characters long codes to define colors. In the normal coding system it uses six characters to define a color. The three characters will get doubled when the requirement comes up. It becomes compatible for both the general type and the 8 bit type which makes it a great advantage for the web site developers.

This technique of browser safe web palette uses, 0, f and c as the three characters. Combination of these three characters in different order will give three basic colors. This technology is also called as color shorthand.

It is possible to use this technology with normal characters as well. In that case the characters have to be grouped into groups off two. So the six characters will become three sets. After that each set is treated as a one character in the safe browser web palette.

Orange, purple and sea-green can be considered as primary colors. In order to get different colors, these three basic colors can be mixed with the use of combinations of o, f and c.  After selecting the first color, other colors can be achieved by changing the position of the character in the order. This will give the other two colors. When these colors are mixed together they can form all the colors.

After all, the color of the web site can attract many people to a web site. It is really important that all the colors are displayed properly at any location where the site is opened. If the web site developer uses the latest technologies which are compatible with almost all the monitors and other hardware around, it will serve the purpose very well.