Basics of Web Design

Web site has become the main source of information for anyone in today`s competitive world. Design of a web design has so important due to the usage of it. It decides the effectiveness of the information transmitted through the web site to the reader.

The first and foremost task in web design is to decide on the layout of the web site. Layout can play a very important part in the whole design and reading experience. All the experienced and successful web designers generally prefer to use standard layouts. It is practically proven that three column layout works most of the time in web design. It can look innovative and attractive in many other layouts which can be used, but ultimately it will not serve the purpose of the website which is the comfort to the reader.

Whitespace available on the web page is also an important factor to consider. It has to be maintained at an optimal value. It should be not less or not more than the desired value. Graphics of the website is also an effective medium of communicating. One image can tell a lot of information to the reader. Graphics should be treated as a part of the layout and it should fit appropriately to the layout without spoiling the format.
Graphics can help the designer in many ways to express the required content. It is a fine medium of communication. It is very important to put small size graphics which loads very fast in reader’s computer.When the image capacity is too high it will become very slow in displaying in the readers computer. It should be clear the capacity should be optimized for the best affect.

The image that is set into the web site should be appropriate to fit in with the content. It must be related to the information to be more affective. Also it should be fitted in the correct place to ease the reading. Text wrap options can be used to create that space for the image in between the text. It will eliminate the scrolling for images after reading the text. Flashy images with all the rotating or turning affects will not be that useful in achieving the ultimate goal. They will take more space and will not add that much value to the web site.

Fonts used in the web site can have a big impact on the reader. Most importantly it should be readable in the monitor screen. Otherwise the font type will be useless. Headings and content can be distinguished by different types of fonts. It is advisable to use vary few types of fonts in one web page. If too many types are used it will make the site more unprofessional.

Special consideration has to be given when special font types are used. If the font type used is so unique that it is not available with the reader, it can make it impossible for the user to read it. That is why it is better to use standard font types as much as possible.

Advertising on the web pages is as important as the content of it in commercial terms. But it has to be done in line with the content and should not over advertise in the web page. All the advertisements should be simple and relative t the content so that the readers will have a look at it and click it.
At last but not the least the web site should be compatible with all the available browsers if it is not made for a special group of corporate people. Otherwise the web site will not be available to most of he customers.