Elements of Design

When it comes to web page design, has to have some basic elements in it to make the design a good one. There are five major elements considered in this aspect.

Line work:

Lines can be used as a very strong element in the web design phase. Lines can be horizontal, vertical or angled depending on the requirement. Use of lines will increase the readability and the clarity of the page. Lines can be used in many ways to improve the readability and look of the web page. Borders of the page and any other element can be drawn using lines. Drawing borders makes the page more neat ad professional. Elements can be separated from others by using contour lines. Lines can also be used to do innovative drawings or images which will add to the value of the web page. Lines are even used to separate columns of the page. There are many ways to add lines into web pages. It depends on the platform in which the designing is taking place.


Shapes are he enclosed contours or three dimensional elements in the web page. It does not have to be a square or a rectangular to be called as a shape. Although there are some basic shapes used in web design, it is always possible to make new shapes with the use of basic shapes. It is the creativity of the designer. Shapes can express the idea of the designer in an organized way to the reader. It is worth than many words since it attracts the eye of the reader. Reader feels better looking at a shape object rather than a string of words. It can keep the reader interested in the design.

Geometric shapes will be the first thing comes into any mind when they think about shapes. Squares, rectangles, circles are few basic shapes available in this category. These basic shapes can either be used directly or they can be combined to make new shapes. Diamond and triangle also considered to be geometric shapes which are used rarely.

They are some natural shapes used in web design as well. These shapes are taken from the natural recourses. For example the leave shape is a very popular natural shape used in web page design.  There are some shapes which are similar in proportions but not real in nature. These shapes are called abstract shapes. An icon, symbols and stick figure drawings comes under this category. They will convey the idea y giving the same understanding even though they are not real images.


Texture will add the surface feeling to a web page. When the web page is designed the texture has to be included in it. Even though it is not a real surface, it gives the surface feeling to the reader. There are many types of textures like rough, smooth or hard used in designing of web pages. Textures can be used in the background of the page or as a highlighting factor for important content of the web page. Textures can even have engraved or etched in the web page. These can be used to improve the appearance of the web site.


Color has to be used very precisely in the web page. Over usage of color can make the web site very bad. First the content has to be decided and after that the colors can be added. Colors can be used in background, in text and also in images. Colors should convey the required message without spoiling it. There are some style properties to include colors to the web sites.


Direction shows the way to the reader in the web site. The designer has to decide on the order of the message that has to be conveyed. Layout and all other things should be arranged in accordance to the direction required.