Web Design Glossary Part 1


 It can be defined as the ability or the degree at which the content of the web site is accessible by the people with disabilities. Some people use screen readers when the visual disabilities are there. At the same time hearing impaired people use browsers with no sound. Accessibility is a measure of ability for these people to access the web site.


Backlink is a link coming from a different site to the main site. Clicking these links will take the reader to another site. The number of back links and the quality of them will have an affect on the rankings of the web site in search engines. If the links are not of high quality it will lead to degrade in rankings.


Domain is the identity of a computer in the internet or web. This identity is related with the internet protocol address. Every computer has a unique internet protocol address. This makes the identification of a computer in a network an easy task.  Domain will be a mixture of characters and numbers in it. Minimum size of should be 26 characters and it should be limited to 63 characters.

Elastic layout:

Elastic layout is a web layout technique which uses percentage width style and max-width style in order to make sure that the content of the web page fits into the browser screen. When the user changes the viewing font size and type the size of the content will change. But in this technique the width will be adjusted according to this. This flexibility has given the name elastic layout this technique.

Entry page:

In web browsing the entry page is the page at which the user enters first when he types the domain in the address bar. It is the first page visible under the domain. Generally this page will contain most important links and other data. Search engines will search the links of the entry page mostly. That is why it has lots of links and key words in it.

Exit page:

Exit page is the page at which the reader quits the web site. It will be mostly due to the reason that the reader did not find the details he required in the web site. He might have gone for another site. That is why web designers try to pay attention on exit pages and try to improve them.


It is the numbering system which uses the base 16. It uses numbers from 0 to 9 and also A – F. this is mostly used to define colors in the web pages. Basic three colors will be defined using this numbering system.

Internet protocol:

It is a packet based protocol which is used to transmit data. This protocol is mainly used for internet data transfer. It is denoted by four numbers which are separated by dots.


JPEG is the short term for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a type of graphics format used in web site design. It gives good color options to the picture.