Design is in Details

Details are very important in any phase of a project. Design stage can be considered as the most important of them all. Design phase is the stage where all the important decisions are made about the progress of the project. That makes the availability of the details much more important. Details will help the designer to decide on what are the things not to e done in the project. It is as important as knowing what to do. It can save lots of time and resources.

Designers tend to think that getting a rough idea and may be building a prototype can take the project a long way. In reality it is not the case. When the real work starts, the details will come into play and the work will become more sensitive. Experienced designers will know that until it finished it is going to be hard work no matter how far it is done.

Clients will provide all the details to the designer in order to make sure that the project is done according to the exact requirements. Generally web designers are working under lots of pressure due to the deadlines which they have to meet. It will make the designer to rush there work to meet the deadlines. But it is better to stay overtime and try all the possibilities before presenting it to the client. Otherwise the designer might regret about the things he could have done earlier. That is where all the required details should be with the designer.

Having the details also is not enough if the designer is not thinking critically and logically about it. Design needs lots of thinking over the details available. Thinking can bring ideas to the mind. It is advisable to try all these solutions in different environments to find out the results. Experiments should be done to get the best solution. If the out come does not meet the specifications which are the details provided by the client, it is better to start all over again.

Having many choices to the design is a good situation to be in. designer can try one by one and include the details gathered to the next step. It can be a choice of color or technology even. Once the decision is made about the design, make sure to stick with it. Consistency is very important in a web page. The decision made from choices has to be maintained throughout the development phase as well.

Another important thing to remember in the design is to finish the work then and there. Once the details are gathered it is better to finish the design work at that time itself. Otherwise it will consume some more time to again refresh the details and do it. In the worst case, the designer might forget to do it before presenting the project to the client.

Thinking about a project should not be restricted to the office. The details about it can strike designer`s mind at any given time. It is really important to try out all these details to get a good output.