The Details that Matter

Details are very important in any work you do. It is the same with we design. With the increase in competition for fast and quality output, the accurate details are most important. Olden days the people could afford to leave the error checking and testing to someone else so that doing work without details was possible. Now days it is not possible to have them.

Functional details of a project also matters a lot to the success of the project. For example details about the browser or the knowledge about possible java script errors has become mandatory in the work of designing and developing a web site. They are not the only details that matter in this project.

When it comes to web design, these days it is not a single work. In most cases, the designers will be required to play the role of a tester, project manger or any other role. That requires much more details than what is required by a full day web designer. For example if a designer acts as a project manager the details about client, work progress, changes in the project objective will become the details that matters. Most of the good employees will read the report and understand it before clarifying any thing with the project manager. It is the details gathering process for the employee.

Even very small piece of detail can be very important to a good designer. Details that we think which are not important can lead to big failures in delaying the delivery time and also not meeting the requirements. All the details that matters for the project have to be analyzed by the designers. It is the responsibility of him. Missing an important detail can spoil the project as well as the customer relationship with the client. It has a long term impact. That makes all that important to consider all the details that matter.

If the designer is constantly missing important details it will give a bad reputation for him. This will stall career progress as well. On the other hand when a designer does a good job with all the required specifications also, he will not get much short term credit for it. But in the long run it will create a good impression on the management about the person.

Knowing the details will not be enough as well. It is necessary to evaluate and analyze the details available and select the details that matters the most. This can optimize the work very well. It does not mean that the details that are required will be left out. Good professional designers have a good eye to recognize and capture all the necessary details from many sources available. 

It is very little things that lead to a success of a master project. It is very important to keep in touch constantly with the client as much as possible in order to get maximum details and keep all details updated. They can be uncreative or looks unrelated, but they might be the details that matter at last.