1001 is the place where you can download free fonts for both Windows and Mac. is a free service and is made possible thanks to sponsored advertising. All fonts are categorized. You can find here such categories as Calligraphic, Gothic, Cartoon, Decorative, Symbol, Graffiti, Grunge, Handwritten, Holiday, Horror, Movie, Retro, Romantic, and many many more.

The store from Monotype Imaging offers more than 100,000 font products for you to preview, purchase and download. You can also learn about new typeface releases and discover typographic tips and techniques.

TypeStyler is the fastest and easiest way to create high impact graphics for your digital designs. It is perfect for both print and screen display. Whether you are a graphic artist, web designer, animator, art director or novice, TypeStyler brings style to your typographical creative visions. TypeStyler is a significantly improved product with all the ease of use and effects of the original TypeStyler plus a host of new effects that can be used with type and imported graphics. These effects include glows, bevels, embossing, bump maps, transparency soft shadows and blurs. TypeStyler can create and add thousands of different styles to your text, including fades, starbursts, shadows and patterns. TypeStyler also adds anti-aliased onscreen text and output (essential for use on Web sites). Drag & drop functionality to/from other major graphics programs. Comprehensive export capabilities. (native Photoshop w/layers, native Illustrator, GIF, JPEG, EPS, PICT) Import capabilities include: PICT, JPEG, EPS, GIF and native Photoshop and Illustrator documents can be dragged and dropped into TypeStyler.

DreamsTime is an excellent resource that offers high quality photographs for the lowest prices. High-resolution stock images can reach as low as $0.26 each. The site provides thousands of stock photos added weekly! If you are a photographer, you can sell your stock images and get 50-80% from each sale you make. Beside Stock photos you can find here vector clip-arts, fonts, logotypes, sounds, Photoshop brushes, icons and more.

CoffeeCup Website Font makes it possible to use any font for your Website text. You need only to choose any font you want and it will be rendered as text regardless if the visitor has the font on their computer or not. Website Fonts can be seen and indexed by search engines too. You don’t have to use images to have nice Fonts on your Website anymore.

AsiaFont Studio is the only commercially available two-byte font editor. You can create large Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese fonts as well as any other multilingual Unicode-based OpenType fonts. AsiaFont Studio can handle fonts with up to 65,536 glyphs! Allows to make OpenType fonts with 65,000+ glyphs with access to 100,000+ Unicode characters including the private use area and supplementary plane. You can import and convert CID-keyed fonts into DBCS TrueType format, import TTC font collections, manually or automatically hint your fonts, import/export fonts in TrueType or Type 1 format, encode your fonts a hundred different ways. You can use Python macro system to make custom font tools.

BitFonter is a professional bitmap font editor for Mac OS X and Windows. It allows creative professionals, web designers and manufacturers of electronic devices to create and modify bitmap fonts for print publications, web pages, animations, computer games and electronic devices, convert between bitmap font formats as well as from and to outline font formats, and apply special effects to your outline fonts when used together with TypeTool, FontLab Studio or AsiaFont Studio. BitFonter’s intuitive user interface is easy to understand for Photoshop, FontLab Studio and TypeTool users. With BitFonter, you can remix, ‘scratch’ and customize your fonts. Photofonts bring the beauty of full-color bitmap fonts with texture and transparency to both print and web pages. You can create fonts in a variety of formats usable in printers and imaging devices, mobile electronic devices, phones and electronic displays. It allows to create razor-sharp fonts that improve screen text legibility in small font sizes. Create Unicode-compatible bitmap fonts for any script, alphabet or language.

TypeTool is a basic font editor for Mac OS and for Windows. It is intended for students, hobby typographers and creative professionals who occasionally need to create or customize fonts. The engine of TypeTool is based on FontLab Studio, the professional font editor used by numerous font foundries worldwide. The program allows to add logos, signatures, ligatures, old-style figures, fractions, currency symbols, punctuation or international characters to your fonts. You can make your own text fonts as well as dingbat or clipart fonts. Make font variations with automatic glyph and metric transformations such as scaling or slanting. TypeTool allows to import bitmap images or BDF bitmap fonts into the new Background layer. It provides industry-standard Bézier drawing tools familiar to users of Fontographer, Adobe Illustrator or Freehand.

FontLab Studio is a professional font editor for Mac OS X and Windows. It is the comprehensive solution for font foundries, professional type designers, typographers and graphic design studios, allowing them to design type, create and modify fonts. FontLab Studio supports all major outline font formats, including Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master and OpenType. It provides revolutionary new metrics and kerning editing: multiline preview, better class kerning, smart autogeneration of classes. It can open Mac fonts on Windows (Mac Type 1, TrueType GX/AAT) and IkarusÆ files.

MyFonts is your complete online source for finding, trying, and buying fonts. Purchased fonts are available for immediate download. With 55,665 fonts on one easy-to-use web site and the best search tools in the business, MyFonts is sure to help you find the perfect font. MyFonts has sold 3,438,482 fonts.