CSS Layouts

Particletree is a ”collection of knowledge”. You can find here everything you need to create web applications. Particletree aims to create and showcase ideas. The site provides a lot of exciting stuff added to it with enthusiasm and generosity. Particletree is always going to give you its best. Find more about how to use CSS for creating web sites, layout generators, CSS filters and hacks, and many more. You can find here such articles as Dynamic Resolution Dependant Layouts, CSS Rules! For Image Replacement, Sequential CSS Link Color Rotation, and more.

Saila offers a great collection of CSS layouts. There is a list of tableless, CSS templates known to work in Netscape 4.x and validate. You can find here one column layouts fixed, two columns liquid, and three columns liquid.

Website Layouts Cookbook is an illustrated reference of website layouts for Web designers. The web layouts on this site serve 2 purposes: the first purpose is a visual reference of website layouts for the web designer. As a reference for the designer, this website provides over 500 layouts to use in planning and designing websites. Various elements such as buttons, sidepanels, or headers can be taken from the layouts and combined with each other to create new custom website layouts. It is up to the website designer to decide what to place within the layouts. A circle can be a photo, text, or a gradient fill. The choice is up to the designer’s imagination. The second purpose is a visual reference of layouts for the client. As a reference for the client, this website provides a visual menu of layouts for the website that they are envisioning. Having a catalog of possible layouts such as this will help eliminate the wasted time and confusion between the designer and the client. With the layouts in this book, the client is able to pick and choose the graphic elements in a web site that they are looking for.

Web Builders’ Toolkit contains useful tutorials on everything you might need. You can find here the following: Any Order Columns, Column Styles, CSS Creator, CSS Intensivestation, CSS Layout Techniques For Fun And Profit, CSS Page Maker,  The CSS Playground, CSS Templates, and more

Bite Size Standards offers concise web development tutorials, tips, and tricks written by designers and developers who are passionate about web standards. Here you can find articles dedicated entirely to the CSS. Among these are CSS values for colors, CSS selectors: the basics, Understanding "Any order columns" , Automatic coloured rows, Using the CSS shorthand for borders, and many others.

CSS-Discuss.Wiki is dedicated to real-world (and ideally, browser-neutral) application of CSS. Topics include: techniques for page-layout and special display-effects, testing and validation, workarounds for limitations and bugs, CSS code-editors, beginner and advanced tutorials, and to a lesser extent pure CSS theory, and pure CSS power-demonstrations. Discourse on (X)HTML, DOM, and other webpage-technology areas is not forbidden, but keeping it associated with CSS is encouraged.

Simple 2 Column CSS Layout is a tutorial on how to use CSS to create a simple two column layout.

Mollio is a simple set of html/CSS templates. The aim was to create a set of page templates that use css for layout as well as some sample basic content which has also had some CSS applied. It’s definitely a work in progress. Mollio provides 6 types of CSS templates: 1 column, 2 columns – Main + Left hand nav, 3 columns – Main + Left hand nav + Right Sidebar, 2 columns – Main + Right Sidebar, 2 columns – Main + Right hand nav, 3 columns – Main + Right hand nav + Left Sidebar.

Inknoise offers Layout-o-matic – a tool which allows to select a layout type, width, and other options to the left, and then click Download or View and pick up your multi-column CSS layout starter kit (turning it into something unique and beautiful not included). You’re welcome to use the resulting generated layouts for any purpose, personal or commercial.

Layout Reservoir provides two column layouts – a simple two column layout with the standard left-side menu and practically the same HTML as 2 columns – left menu, but with a different stylesheet; 3 columns – flanking menus – three columns, no tables, intelligent order of elements. You are free to borrow, steal, abduct, and/or torture the documents contained in the Layout Reservoir. Though you need not give credit to BlueRobot.com, a comment in your source code would help other developers to find this resource.

Ruthsarian Layouts offers to you layouts that are royalty free, copyright free, and warranty free so that you might learn and enjoy working with CSS-based layouts.

Position is Everything offers an article ”In search of the One True Layout” by Alex Robinson. In the  nutshell, the article examines the following: pure CSS-based layouts fail to address certain design goals which are total layout flexibility, equal height columns, vertical placement of elements across grids/columns. This article shows how to achieve each of these goals, and then how to combine them, creating what could be called the One True Layout.

SSI Developer offers a wide range of CSS templates. You are allowed to download the following stuff: 2 column CSS templates (all constructed using XHTML1.0 and CSS2), two column flexible which contains two layout divs, the main content div is just floated to the left. You can find here two column flexible with header which is the same template but with the addition of a header div for page title, your logo or banners etc. There are also two column, left column static; two column, left column static, with header bar; two column fixed width with header & footer. Among 3 column CSS templates you can find three column, left & right columns static; three column ‘Pixel-Perfect’; three column ‘Pixel-Perfect’ with header; Three column Pixel-Perfect with header & footer.

CSS Layout Ideas offers 53 Fixed width CSS Layouts for download. All markup has been validated against a strict Doctype. CSS Layouts are made for screen resolutions for 1024 x 764. You can also download about 40 Faux Column CSS Layouts.