Color Tools

COLOURlovers is a great resource that influences modern color trends. It is can be used in ad campaigns, product design, web design. This is a great website to check out world trends in color and compare color palettes. COLOURlovers is regularly updated with examples of the way colors are implemented in design. here you’ll also find articles on color trends and interviews with professionals.

Color Codes Matching Chart HTML is an extensive chart that will help you convert CMYK, RGB Hex. The conversions are “nominal”. That means they produce an invertible conversion between RGB and CMYK, so the conversion of CMYK to RGB cannot be reversed.

Color combinations offers about 200 color combinations to help you in choosing color combination for your web site. The colors can match the colors of your logo or can differ (it will help you to single out your logo).

Color Scheme Tool –  feel free to use this program for your web site design, digital painting or other graphic design and art projects. Its what I use and I find it very good for my work. You just insert the hex or RGB codes from or into Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing software and voila you are on your way to a great color scheme.

Accessibility Color Wheel is a useful tool which helps greatly in the choice of a color, or a color pair. First choose a desired foreground color. Just hover over the wheel to choose colors. Then click to confirm it. After that click Background button and select a background color. If you see “OK”, it means that the color pair is good for people with visual impairment such as Deuteranopia (insensitivity to green), Protanopia (insensitivity to red), and Tritanopia (insensitivity to blue). is a great tool that allows to play with colors and color schemes. You can download your own image or choose random flickr image and then pick color scheme from it. Besides, you can view tagged colors and add them to favorites. 

ColorCombos  helps  web developers to find the perfect color combination for your web site. There’s a the Combo Tester, which allows to see the interaction of various color combinations. You can find tons of color combination ideas in their Combo Library which contains hundreds of color samples with their hex values.

CSS Color Names a table which contains an extended list of color names supported by major browsers. Web developers can use these colors with HTML or CSS. You can click on a color name, or a hex value, to view it as the background.

Triplecode Munsell Palette is based on this principle. Its essence is data from studies done in 1930’s. People were asked to specify the differences in color pairs. The research showed that human eye perceives colors a bit differently from color tools. Its disadvantage is that the distance between colors is perceptually similar.

Color Calculator identifies color harmonies with color wheels. Rotate various shapes (square, rectangle, triad, triangle, complement) to identify color schemes. You can also adjust lightness and saturation. You can use this wheel to select color combinations for your design project.

I Like Your Colors – just type the URL of a Web page you like, to see what colors it uses.

Online color chart a very handy online color tool. It shows HTML color codes in an accessible format. Just select a color on the color wheel. Hot keys allow to fasten the process of selecting the colors. D is for editing color description. R is to remove color from color table.

Kolur provides an enjoyable way to browse color palettes. Designs displayed in our gallery go beyond the generic 3 colored dots, and attempt to portray the possibilities in palettes.

Infohound Color Schemer a simple online application to make experiments when picking various color schemes. Click on the shaded box to specify the brightness, saturation, and hue. Matching colors are chosen automatically.

DhtmlGoodies offers a useful tool you can use to match colors for your Web design project. Choose a primary color, and you will get  complementary.

Eye Dropper Color Mixer is a tool that is integrated with ImageMagick. You can also use any image you want. You can use this tool to match an image background.

EasyRGB offers a wide range of services related to color: such as color calculator, tool to create color harmonies, convert from RGB values to commercial tints and vice verse, monitor color calibration, and others.

ColourMod is one of the most good looking, robust and flexible DHTML Dynamic Color Pickers. ColourMod comes in many versions. Each of them is tailored to some specific needs and requirements: color conversion, color picking from the web.

Colour schemes – shows a summary of all color schemes. An example of each scheme is shown using the current color which is shown at the top-left corner of the page. You’ll also see the complementary, split-complementary, alternate-complementary color, and triadic color scheme.

Mix colour is a tool to mix various combinations of red, green and blue with a specific color.

Colour Contrast Analyser – type the foreground and background colors and analyze their compatibility according to the brightness ( the difference should be more than 125). This tool allows to check the color contrast using contrast algorithm  by W3C‘s.

Color Shades -is a chart with color variations. There’s a basic color and three other colors with higher light values. This chart can be used to for setting up color schemes.

Color Schemer Online is a compact browser-based color matching tool. It’s fast and and easy to use. Just specify  RGB or HEX value, and you’ll get matching colors. The hue and saturation of the chosen colors can be easily changed.

VisiBone -this online 216-color palette is created specially for web developers. Select more than 10 colors and see whether they are a good match or no.

ColorBlender is a free online application created to match colors and finding perfect color combination. First select a preferred color using a color picker, and you’ll automatically get a 6-color matching palette.

4096 Color Wheel by Jemima Pereira – the wheel shows the colors. and square changes its saturation and value of the last hue. It also shows web-smart, web-safe and unsafe colors.

Color Palette Generator by Jeff Minard generates a color palette based on an image. You can either upload your image, or choose an image from the drop down menu.

Color Palette Generator Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. This is useful for coming up with a website color palette that matches a key image a client wants to work with.

Color Palette Creator generates 10 shades of the basic color at different degrees of opacity. The top row emulates opacity over a white background, the bottom over black. The opacity values are 100% opaque, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10%.

ColorToy  is a color scheme generator based on Flash. This application generates complementary color schemes either randomly or based on inputted color values.